One of the purposes I hoped this blog would eventually serve is to showcase some of the projects that I’ve been working on. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to update it nearly as much as I’d like, but recently I’ve been working on something that I’m extremely excited about, and the code is almost ready to be pushed to production, pending some work to make sure the Internet doesn’t overwhelm the server.

With that being said…

Moist Announcement

Throughout history, humans have had a fundamental struggle with the forces of nature. Battling for comfort has been a human conflict for trillions1 of years, but only in the past few have innovators dared to dream big enough to overcome the forces of earth, wind, and fire2. Technologies that control the quality of our air—from temperature to particulates—have been fundamental building blocks of the indoor human experience. But even with the advent of the so-called “cloud”3, these systems remain unconnected. At great personal effort to ourselves, we must stand up to adjust the thermostat, turn up the heater, or even to add a little moisture to the air. Why should we, as powerful masters of our environment, suffer from having to physically move ourselves or come home to unpleasant air that we have to wait for the system to correct?

No more. Moist is a innovative solution to the problem of uncomfortable, dry air that plagues us all. Constructed from the finest base materials and ingenuity, Moist is a humidifier for the modern age. Moist provides a web interface and API that can be used to turn a humidifier on and off remotely, as well as monitor it’s status. Designed in a lab4 with careful precision5, Moist is set to change how we experience the air around us.

If The Cloud and Internet of Things weren’t trendy enough to grab your attention, then then the following will blow your mind: Moist is entirely open source. We6 are so confident in this innovation and its brand power that we’re giving away all the details on how it was built, for free, to the public. Not only that, but we are so sold on this “opening the sources” movement that the web interface will be open for absolutely everyone to control (link coming soon)!

There will be several more blog posts following this one that document the hardware setup, interface server, and control server. Stay tuned for these posts!

  1. Humans are actually very old 

  2. References to these three fundamental forces date all the way back to 1969. For a decent analysis of the topic, see That’s the Way of the World by White, Flemons, Whitehead et al. 

  3. Misleadingly, the Cloud has nothing to do with weather, but Google appears to be remedying this

  4. The OHI/O Makeathon 2016, a hardware hackathon at Ohio State 

  5. I made the prototype in 24 hours 

  6. There’s nobody else involved with this horrible project, just me