I’ve decided to start a personal blog about some of the random stuff I encounter and do with technology (and possibly other things). There are a few reasons that I’ve just now decided to make this.

I owe a great deal of my knowledge to blogs

Thanks to others willing to share their ideas with the world, I’ve been able to gain a wide array of knowledge and experience. I can’t begin the count the number of times when I’ve run into a problem or wanted to learn to do something and a blog post had the answer. I want to pass on the knowledge I have to others that might be searching for it.

I want to become a better writer

It can be hard to get the right words out. Most of the writing I do on a daily basis is either for school or short, casual messages. I’d like to have more practice writing ideas in longer posts to a public audience.

It looks good on a résumé

In the software industry it’s important to be able to show off what you know and have done. A list of classes or GPA alone won’t get you hired. Having a GitHub portfolio and technical blog can show your experience. I hope that this will be a place I can showcase the things that I’m doing and learning.

Finally, and possibly most importantly:

It’s slightly more productive than spending hours on Reddit